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How a Bathtub Replacement Can Be a Strong Investment

There’s no denying the housing market has been a rollercoaster in recent years, with the potential for more turbulence ahead. Investing in your home can feel like a questionable choice, but this is actually a great time to spring for that bathtub replacement. Here’s why.

Bathtub Replacement Can Boost Your Property Value

You may not be planning to sell any time soon, but another boom could change your perspective. After all, many sold homes they weren’t planning to sell at the peak of the market to take advantage of historically high home prices. While never say never is sound advice, the idea of theoretically selling one day is also not the only reason to consider sprucing up a bathroom and including a bathtub replacement.

Until you do decide to sell your home, you do have to live there, ideally in reasonable comfort. Aging bathtubs that have seen better days aren’t exactly comfortable, and depending on what’s going on underneath, can be a health hazard. Older, worn-out tubs may crack and leak, which can create the ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew and other microbial growth with the potential to wreak havoc with your family’s health.

What if your tub is just not pleasant to view? Sometimes an aging bathtub isn’t a health or safety risk, it’s just an eyesore. You want your bathroom to be a retreat from the outside world where you can wash away the stress of the day, not fixate on all the ways it isn’t to your taste. Sometimes all it takes to transform an unattractive space into one you truly love is something as simple as replacing the tub.

Quick and Painless Bathtub Replacement

Sometimes you don’t need a whole new bathroom, you just need a better tub. Fortunately, bathtub replacement can be quicker, easier and more cost-effective than you might think. Ready to take back your bathroom once and for all by banishing an ugly bathtub? Contact Going Green Restoration today to learn more about your options for bathtub replacement without a full bathroom renovation.

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