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What is Involved in Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage can be a real threat to any property owner, and it can happen at any time. Whether it is due to a natural disaster, a plumbing problem or any other reason, water damage can cause significant harm to your property and your belongings. Water damage restoration is the process of repairing and restoring a property that has been damaged by water.

Going Green Restoration serves Orlando and surrounding Florida communities when you need water damage restoration. Let’s review the process we use so you know what is involved.

Thorough Damage Evaluation

Our team uses the latest technology to identify the full extent of visible and invisible water damage. We employ state-of-the-art sensors, moisture detectors, hygrometers and infrared cameras that can reveal hidden damage and even the beginnings of water intrusion.

Water Extraction

Extracting all the water from your Orlando home or business involves pumps, vacuums and other water extraction equipment. It is essential to remove all the water as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your property. This step also includes removing any water-soaked materials that are damaged beyond repair, like wall, insulation and flooring materials.

Drying and Dehumidification

The next step is to dry and dehumidify the affected area. This is done to remove any moisture that is left in the property. If moisture is left behind, it can cause mold growth, which can lead to health problems. The drying process may take several days to complete, depending on the extent of the water damage.

Cleaning and Sanitization

After the property is dry, the next step is to clean and sanitize the affected area. This involves removing any debris and disinfecting the area to prevent mold and bacteria growth. The cleaning process includes washing walls, floors and any other surfaces that were affected by the water damage.

Restoration and Repair

Once the property is clean and dry, the restoration process can begin. This involves repairing any damage that was caused by the water. This may include replacing drywall, flooring or other damaged materials. The restoration process is essential to restore the property to its pre-damaged condition.

Inspection and Monitoring

After the restoration process is complete, the property should be inspected to ensure that all the water damage has been properly repaired. This includes checking for any signs of mold growth or other problems that could develop in the future. It is also important to monitor the property for several weeks after the restoration process to ensure that no further damage occurs.

Professional Florida Water Damage Restoration

Restoring your residential or commercial property to usable status after it sustains water damage is a complex process that involves several steps. It is essential to have a professional water damage restoration company like Going Green Restoration in Orlando handle the restoration process to ensure that it is done correctly. If you experience water damage in your property, it is important to act quickly to minimize the damage and prevent further problems.

Contact us immediately if you suspect or find proof that your home or business in Florida has sustained water damage.

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