Is an Eco-Friendly Bathroom Renovation Possible?

There are plenty of reasons to want a bathroom renovation, but environmental concerns might hold you back. It is understandable if you wish to have a bathroom remodel that respects the environment, both inside your home and for the betterment of the planet. You should know you’re not alone, as eco-friendly renovations are one of the hottest design trends! Choosing the right contractor can ensure your eco-friendly bathroom renovation is possible.

Things to Consider in an Eco-Friendly Remodel

An eco-friendly renovation is not more difficult, it simply takes a bit more planning. Typical areas you will want to discuss with your contractor include:

Longevity of New Installations
You want products that are designed to last many years. The longer your products hold up to the test of time, the less waste you produce. One eco-friendly choice is ceramic tile, as it lasts a long time and is low maintenance. Todays showers and tubs are known for their long life and are easy to clean, reducing the need for harsh chemicals in your home.

Classic Design Features
Sometimes the newest products are the best way to go, especially when they are produced sustainably and intended for a lifetime of use. Selecting refined, elegant and timeless fixtures and flooring provides a look that never goes out of style.

Water Conservation
One of the most eco-friendly solutions comes from water savings, but you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Dual-flush toilets greatly reduce water consumption, and today’s low-flow showerheads are nearly indistinguishable from old-school models while saving significant amounts of water.

Reduced Energy Consumption
Hot water heaters and older style lighting are huge energy wasters. Upgrading your water heater to a more efficient, or even tankless model, and installing LED light fixtures will save on both energy and electric bills.

Choose the Right Contractor
Choosing a qualified contractor who specializes in eco-friendly solutions and is a member of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) ensures the job is done properly and provides access to choices the meet your environmental concerns. Depending on the renovations you want, some can be finished in as little as one day!

If you are ready for a full or partial bathroom makeover, contact Going Green Restoration today for your quote and financing options.

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